Human Powered Vehicle 2016-2017

Our team designed and built an aerodynamic vehicle to compete against other universities in Las Vegas, Nevada. The competition consisted of four phases: safety check, presentation, drag race, and an endurance race. 

Some examples of the safety requirements include:

  • Vehicle must come to a stop from a speed of 25 km/hr in a distance of 6 m

  • All vehicles must include a rollover protection system

In addition to building a vehicle the team was required to come up with an innovation for the bike. For our bike (El Niño) we created an internal cooling system consisting of a fan powered by solar panels.

Student Design Competition 2017-2018

Our team designed two robots to compete in a modified game of soccer in Pomona, California. The competition had a multi-game stage where the top teams competed in a semi-final and final round.

Some of the requirements include:

  • All robots, controls, batteries, etc. had to fit inside a rigid sizing box

  • All energy must come from rechargeable batteries

  • A team can only control one ball at a time and may push or secure the ball

For more information on HPVC click here

For more info on Student Design Competition click here